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The universe of music just got a little bit bigger and a lot more interesting with the reissue of “Only Dark Matters”." Epictronic

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"This innovative band replaces traditional rock instruments with the violin and baritone saxophone..."

Underground Music

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Space Rock sounds with forays into experimentation and avant-garde, with high-level compositions and refined sounds." - Progressive Rock Journal

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"22 For Silicon Alone will not leave anyone indifferent..." Brothers in Raw

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A bet that's got nerve : replacing guitar and bass with violin and saxopone." - Prog Censor

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"Strap on that astronaut suit, because we’re getting ready for liftoff!" - V13

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INTERVIEW "My music is like the soundtrack of a film without a picture: a trip where you are thrown from one emotion to another." 

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"Alexis Pfrimmer stumbled upon the words “22 For Silicon Alone” on the NASA official website" The Music Bugle

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INTERVIEW "From the start, I wanted it to be a synthesis of everything that drives me." Alexis Pfrimmer

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"The palm probably goes to the “curiosity” 22 for silicon alone and its absolutely unclassifiable, surprising music." Litzic

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It is an initiatory journey that 22 For Silicon Alone invites us to do thanks to a music rich in relief " - Music Waves

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"Throughout this album, Alexis takes us on a journey full of twists and turns." - Music Zine

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a wannabe french lover caught in an impossible relationship, from wounds to wounds, he confides in music " Front View

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"The album would fit perfectly as a soundtrack to a film noir or an alien horror movie." - Luminous Dash

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